Facebook Ads That Actually Work

Facebook Ads

Due to popular demand  our blog today is on Facebook Advertising and how to make it work for your business.

So many people put all of their time and effort in to the image and text to make people click. Yes, that is important but if you spend days getting the marketing just right and then put it in front of the wrong people then you have wasted your precious time. 

And let’s face it, as small business owners, time is what is most precious to us. So we will not cover image and text today, there are lots of brilliant marketing people to help you with that. We are going to go over the functionality as that is what we do best.

So how do you get your audience right, make sure you are not wasting money on Facebook ads and are only paying to put your ad in front of someone interested in your product or service. Here are our top tips.

Before you put any money into anything you need to be very clear on who your audience is. If you think you know but your ads are not working then Facebook have lots of options to help give you a leg up. 

1. Custom audiences

Have an email marketing list or list of current clients? You can upload it to Facebook and it will not only go looking for those people but can create lookalike audience based on demographics, behaviours and interests of the people on your email list. And best of all, it doesn’t matter how small your list is. You can also set the ad to target

  • People who engage with your page
  • People who watch your Facebook Live videos, even the % they watched
  • People who like other pages in your industry

Much much more

2Audience Insights

Wow wow wow. Thank you Facebook. If you have not visited this area of your ad management, then you are missing out.

Because there are people making millions from selling their products using Facebook ads, and because there are people just like you running ads every day Facebook are sitting on a minefield of information about YOUR audience. And I mean a M.I.N.E.F.I.E.L.D!!!

For example, we recently went through the ad system with a client who sells houses. We uploaded some information about their clients. We clicked into Audience Insights and it told us that people who work in the healthcare industry were 150% more likely to click on their ad than anyone else on Facebook.

How do they know this? Mindlblowing! But they do.

3. Facebook Pixel
facebook retargeting pixel

Put it on the page you want it to monitor. Here are some examples;

  • Get it on your sales page and thank you page so you can create an audience of people that visited your sales page but didn’t buy.
  • You can do this by targeting the sales page visitors and excluding the thank you page visitors. Sheer brilliance. 
  • Target people that spent the most time on your website e.g. the top 30%  
  • Target people who go to your contact page but don’t call.
  • Create a lookalike audience of those that did buy. 

And on and on and on....

But how much should I be spending you ask? And what should your results look like to know you are successful?

The very brilliant Rick Mulready did a blog on this very subject.  

Knowing your numbers and whether your numbers are any good is essential in analysing the effectiveness of your ad. You may think 1% is terrible and close your ad down when 1% in Facebook world is fantastic. 

So have a read of this article and familiarise yourself with successful numbers and spend amounts.  The Truth About Your Facebook Ads Stats .

If you need help with any of this we are running a one off training webinar.
In this step by step workshop we will take you through each and every process live and interactive so you can physically see and do this yourself.
At the end of the training you will be able to run successful and profitable ads over and over again.

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