Oh Snap! 6 ways to use Snapchat for your business.

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Recent numbers released show that one in three UK smart phone users are logging on to Snapchat monthly. That’s a massive 16 million monthly active users in the UK. Twitter closed 2015 with 13.2 million, so this makes Snapchat one of the fastest growing networks in the country. 

With 150 million worldwide users logging in every day this is becoming a popular advertising platform for…well…anyone with any sense really.

So, what are the demographics? 

71% of users are 18 to 34 yes but, even if you're audience is out of that range, Snapchat is quickly becoming a vital part of marketing for businesses globally.

We recently spoke to our resident blogger and snap chat enthusiast Andrea Pegasiou and she gave us her

"6 ways to use Snapchat for your business." 

All in a quick snap shot. Ha Ha! Snap shot, get it? See what I did there?

OK enough frivolity. Here’s what Andrea had to say. 

Snapchat - some people love it, and some people can’t get their head around its existence. Whichever category you fall into, it is nevertheless a brilliant tool for any business. Here are some ways to use it

1. Little and often 

 Unlike other social media platforms, on Snapchat it is acceptable to post excessive pictures and short videos. As the posts generally only last up to ten seconds, it is perfectly normal to post as many as twenty per day. This is great news when it comes to businesses, as it is a form of free and constant advertising. Having such short viewing time also means you have your audiences full and undivided attention.

2. Demo your product 

Snapchat can show customers and clients an insider’s perspective. This can be anything from the manufacturing process, giving a broader and clearer understanding behind the produce, to a five second snap demo of a new product. People love that stuff!

3. Promote events 

It allows companies to create hype about certain products and events by offering teasers. Showcase a high-class event, party or a countdown to a new release to get people engaged and feeling involved.

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4. Show your human side 

Snapchat gives the people behind the scenes a voice. Personality is often a huge selling point for any company - Snapchat gives the opportunity to showcase the personalities in your business.

5. The MD take over 

Snapchat takeovers are great for a businesses popularity. This is when a well-known and/or important figure affiliated with the business uses the professional Snapchat account for a day, documenting an event or important day from their perspective.

6. Any time is the perfect time 

Content is never lost in the noise on Snapchat. Unlike other platforms your snaps will stay unopened until your customers view them. So no more agonising over perfect posting times. Viewers decide when they see your post.

So get your business on Snapchat today and start engaging!

Thanks Andrea. Who knew it wasn’t just that annoying platform the kids are always making duck face on? And there is so much more you can use this popular platform for.

We have just started using Snapchat for our new Social Enterprise Safe on Social media (SOS). 

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And no duck faces please. It's not a good look.

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