5 Fast and Easy Steps to Social Media Success!


In the early days of On The Button we would spend hours and hours on social media. We offered social media management as a service and soon realised we could only work with about four clients and all our time was used up.

We considered working with larger, higher paying clients but we have always been passionate about making this service accessible and affordable for small businesses. Something had to change.

So we devised a system to manage a business’s social media in a few hours per week and we tested it, and tested it. The results were shocking. The return on investment was more than 10 times what we had been seeing spending 10 to 15 hours per week on social media. 

Why? Consistency....and a plan.

We realised there were five steps to social media success. We want to share them with you now.


You must have a full profile and a professional image. No pictures of you down the pub with your mates, your cat, dog or kids. A clear head shot on LinkedIn with good eye contact. Your properly sized logo/brand on Twitter and Facebook (check out this handy size guide).

 Adapt your descriptions to include keywords your ideal client may type into a search engine to find you. For example, my clients may type "Facebook training" or "How to use Facebook Live". 

If unsure, research your competitors or leaders in your industry. If they are successful online chances are they already know the right keywords to use.

In the set up phase set up your lists on Twitter and Interest lists on Facebook. Put your ideal clients, current clients, networking connections into (private) lists so you can go straight to JUST their posts/Tweets and interact with them without scrolling through all the noise. HERE is some more on how to do that.



Mix your content up. People get used to the same post types and start to scroll past you. Use a varied mix of content types like video, images, text, links to websites, blogs.

So many times I hear people say they don’t know what to say. But the key to social media is talking about what your followers are interested in, not what you want to say.

Again, research industry leaders. What are they talking about? Think about the clients, what makes them tick? If you are a call answering service that works for healthcare practitioners, what do healthcare practitioners read about? They don’t necessarily read about telephone answering do they?

Make it engaging,  give people a reason to click like, comment or share.

Make smart use of your time by pre scheduling your posts for the week. Use a simple software like Buffer to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. And get a Feedly account and fill it with valuable content that you can share at any time when you don’t have your own content or are having a busy week.

Don't forget your Hashtags!

On The Button Digital Marketing "THE 5 COMMON MISTAKES ON SOCIAL MEDIA"


Social media is networking online. 


You wouldn’t ignore people that spoke to you at a networking event would you? Its about being social. So if someone comments or messages you, respond to them. Its good manners.

Thank people for likes, follows and connections. If someone sends you a connection request on LinkedIn without a message or explanation as to why they want to connect then message them back and start a conversation. Check out my BLOG on LinkedIn connection etiquette.


It is not enough to set up a page or profile and hope someone likes it. You need to be proactive and seek out your ideal client.

Do this in the following ways

a)       Use groups to show your expertise and find new people to like your page

b)       Join a Like Ladder or start your own in a group

b)      Search your target demographic and add 5 new people a week, invite them to follow or like you back

c)       Use the suggested connections, they are invaluable



Once you have these connections and followers, engage with them. Don’t leave them hanging. Like, comment, share and retweet. Get out there and get involved. Don't forget to use your lists to save you time finding the right people's posts.

Enter into or start group discussions, add value wherever you can to show your expertise. Check the highlights in the top right corner of LinkedIn for a quick insight into what is going on in peoples lives. Tailor the messages you send for that personal touch.


Now I am sure this sounds like an awful lot to do, how do we do all this in two to three hours a week?
It is all about having a daily structure and routine. 
After setting up properly, we recommend you start with the below routine and add to it if you can.

Schedule content                               5 minutes a day (or 1 hour per week using software) 
Respond                                                  5 minutes a day
Be Proactive                                         5 minutes a day
Engage                                                     5 minutes a day

You WILL see results. Consistency is key.

On The Button Digital Marketing "THE 5 COMMON MISTAKES ON SOCIAL MEDIA"


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