21 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

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Something that seems to be happening a lot lately is the improper use of the friends option. I seem to be getting daily friend requests, which is lovely right? Except it isn't real. People are adding me as a friend to get more Likes on their business page. 

Is it upsetting, well, yes. Because I like having new friends. Up until now I simply unfriended them for being insincere. But then I thought, they just don't know any better. People are struggling to get Likes on their pages so much that they feel it is OK to be rude. So to help you all out, you know who you are, here are;

"21 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page"

Here are the things that can be done right now on your Page to make an instant impact.

1.  Make sure your page looks super professional and attractive

No one will "Like" a crap looking page, they will assume everything else is crap too including the content. Make it sharp and professional to make someone click Like when they land on your page. Have a professional image, the right size, and in line with your branding so they know it is you.

2.  Improve your page for search success

People are using Facebook as a search engine like Google. You need to make sure your page is optimised well enough that they find you. To do this simply fill out all descriptions in your "About" section. Make sure you get the important keywords in to your long and short description and all other sections you can fit them i sensibly. And ensure you have included NAP. Name. Address. Phone Number.

3.  Run a competition

Competitions are great for increasing your Likes and engagement. But be aware of Facebook's T & C's. For example, do not tell people they must share your page or the post to enter.

   "Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend's Timeline to get additional entries”, and "tag your friends in this post to enter" are not permitted)."

And include an,
   "Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook."

You can ask people to share and Like, but do not make it an entry requirement. A "comment below to enter" is sufficient.

Facebook competitions can be highly successful if a good amount of effort is put into sharing it. So be sure to have a strong foundation of sharers to get you going and make sure the giveaway is desirable. Keep it simple is the key. Our friends over at  Henley's Independent Estate Agents had fantastic competition engagement for an umbrella. Yes an umbrella. Sadly I didn't win.

4.  Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising for Likes could not be simpler. Carefully choose your demographic and off you go. "Interests" are the key to successful advertising on Facebook so tap into those to get maximum Likes for just a few quid. 

5.  Invite Friends

Now this is where I get upset. Impostors. Fakers. The disingenuous. You all know who I mean. The ones who send you a friend request, pretending to want to be your friend. Then as soon as you accept they send you an invite to "Like" their page. 

How rude!


Stop it. Just stop it right now. There are so many other ways to get Likes. From me, and I assume most others, you simply get unfriended. 

By all means invite your friends to Like your page, but do not make friends for this reason. It's just not very nice.

6.  Engaging content

Probably the most overlooked and underappreciated way to get Likes is to post engaging content. What do I mean by engaging? Something that makes people want to click Like Comment or Share on the post. The more engaging your posts the further they go, thereby increasing brand awareness and finding you new followers.

Let's not overlook the fact that this will also keep your current followers coming back.

7.  Get employees involved

So many businesses overlook the richest source of engagement available to them. Their own employees. Get a social media policy in place and then ask your team to Like the page and Share the posts. I am always amazed at how many workplaces do not ask their employees to be involved with the social media.

8.  Show where you work

Speaking of employees. Have you listed your business as your place of employment? Get on to your personal profile and update your own details. Then your friends, new and long term can Like your page without knowing the name or searching. Let's face it, who has time for that?

9.  Tag other Pages

Been to an exhibition or networking event? Had a supplier do a really good job for you. Want to thank a client for choosing you? When you post on your page tag other business pages. You will then show up to their followers. This may spark an interest with local people or people interested in your industry.

10.  Use hashtags

Hashtags make the characters that follow them a searchable link. So anyone talking about, or searching for people talking about, that particular subject will find you in the search results for that hashtag. Use them in your posts to show up in searches of people interested in that subject or searching for your service or product.

11.  Flash freebies

Quick giveaways always get lots of attention. If you do this regularly then overtime people will keep an eye on your page for giveaways. Have something fun and interesting to giveaway and offer it to the first 10 people who comment. The tag them and shout about it as loud as you can.

12.  Tag tag tag

If you have an event going on or just attended one, be sure to tag the people you met there, or whom attended. Tagging others means their friends see it. Being the nosey nation we are this is sure to slow people mid scroll to find out the juicy goss.

So tag away, make sure everyone knows you were there.

13.  Sort your vanity URL

When you set up your Facebook page you are given a standard URL usually looking something like this www.facebook.com/onbuttonjj44484976398575696blahblah11124523654whatevs552264636

That's pants. Imagine trying to tell someone how to find you on Facebook with that monstrosity.

In your "About" section you can change this to a custom or "vanity" URL to make it more streamlined and tidy. Change it to something that identifies you and is easy to remember for example www.facebook.com/onthebuttondigitalmktg 

Now you can include the link anywhere at a moments notice.

14. Just ask 

If you don't ask you don't get. Include a call to action (CTA) in your cover picture of your  Facebook page by asking people to Like your page. You could even include an arrow  to the like button. Simply load your cover image into Canva and, using the pre-loaded template, you can put the CTA and arrow exactly where it needs to be. 

Everyone will be so impressed.

Lots can be done elsewhere on Facebook too. Go out and do these activities off your page to increase your Likes.

15. Like Ladders 

Yes they are still around. A quick and easy way to get some Likes is by taking part in a Like Ladder. Simply search for like ladders in the top search bar and follow the on page rules to get involved.

But make sure they are relevant to you. E.g. small business like ladder or like ladder suffolk

Sometimes they are called Follow Friday or Fanpage Friday. Often groups will run these as a way to introduce members to each other. 

16.  Proactive liking 

It really is not enough these days to just expect people to find and Like you. Do some searching yourself. If you are a service B2B business, go out and find your ideal client. Like their page and then message them and ask them to Like you back. 

But don't be empty about it. You want valuable engaging connections. So pop them in to an Interest list and share each others posts to give them a helping hand. If you tell them this when you message then everyone wins and they know you are not just after a Like.

17.  Groups

I know. I go on about groups a lot. But they are so invaluable. We get new Likes all the time from groups we are involved in, as well as new clients and great suppliers. I could literally do an entire blog on Groups. So I will just leave it here. And let you mull it over.

18.  Engage with others

Go out there and get involved. The more you engage yourself, the more you will show up. Add valuable expertise to someone else's post. Answer questions. Get involved. This is one of the best ways to get valuable and genuine Likes on your page.

Not all activity needs to done on Facebook. There are lots of ways to get more Likes without even using Facebook.


19.  Your website

Include a Facebook Like plug in on your website so people can Like your page right there. It is madness to lose this essential traffic. They may not visit your website often, or even ever again, but they are likely to be on Facebook aren't they. 

Get that link on your Blog too. Who knows how they will come across your blog. Dont lose them once they find you.

And don't forget thank you pages. If they sign up for your newsletter or anything else on your website you should  redirect them to a thank you page, make sure they can Like you on Facebook whilst there. After all, we know at this point that they like your content. 

20.  Printed materials

And why stop at your website. If you have flyers, banners, mail outs, ads in a magazine, published articles, get your Facebook link on it. Keep bringing them home.

21.  Emails

Our email lists tend to differ greatly from our social media contacts. Made up of our clients and website sign ups, emails offer a different kind of communication in most peoples minds. But people on your mailing list are often your raving fans. The ones that would share any posts you put out because they love you. I wonder how many do not even Like your page?

Send out an email to invite your contacts to Like your page. Don't ask you don't get remember? 

Add a Facebook link to your email footer.

Better yet, add a "Like us on Facebook" as a P.S. in your next email. Very powerful area is your P.S. 

So if you are using Facebook as part of your marketing, get it everywhere and let it work for you. And please, if you add me as a friend then just leave it at that. Chances are I will come and Like your page of my own accord.

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Are you bombarded with fake friend requests? Tell us your stories in the comments below.


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