Stop Wasting Your Time On LinkedIn... No really!!!!

Time Wasting On LinkedIn

If you are spending time on LinkedIn but not getting business, referrals or suppliers from it then read on.

Something that drives me up the social media wall.

The horrid standard LinkedIn connection message “Hello, I would like to add you to my professional network”



Standard LinkedIn connection request

If you were at a business event and someone walked up to you, gave you their business card without speaking, and silently walked away. Are you likely to call them when you are ready to buy that particular service? Or would you buy from someone you know well?

Well that is what you are doing on LinkedIn. Every time you send someone that awful message you are handing them a card and walking off.

What an absolute waste of your precious time.

Firstly, this does not work well in any area of business and secondly, why are you wasting time connecting with someone you don’t care enough about to start a conversation with?

Surely you have better things to do? Go out networking, make some calls, reply to some emails, go for a walk, bang your head against a wall.

So what should you do?

ONLY send connection requests to someone with whom you really want to strike up a conversation. Whether it is because they can help your business or you can help them. If you really want to chat then send one, otherwise go walk around in circles as it would have more purpose.

When you set up your connection request type a tailored message using the following format;

1.       Why you want to connect with them or why they should connect with you

2.       Something about their profile so they know you took the time to bother looking

3.       Ask a question that makes them want to answer.

An example might be

 Ask a question that makes them want to answer.

An example might be:

"Hi [firstname]

I would love to connect with you as I see we share a mutual interest in social media. 

I think we could learn from each other and share posts too.

I noticed on your profile you train businesses to use LinkedIn to generate leads.

I would love to know more about that." 



Custom LinkedIn connection request

Once you get a response keep the conversation going until you can move it offline. Perhaps by saying “It has been great chatting, perhaps we could meet for a coffee to discuss this further”.

9 times out of 10 people do not do business purely online.

Turn every connection into a valuable relationship or why bother!

People do business with people. So act like one

This article was updated 05/06/2017

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