5 Ways To Use Twitter Lists 

Do you use Twitter lists for your followers or the profiles you are following? Twitter lists are a simple organisational tool to keep everyone in a more effective order, giving you speedy access to Tweet activity.

 1.Keep an eye on the competition – private

2.Interact with potential clients

3.Give a pat on the back to experts in your field

4.Recognition for a good service

5.Engage with your clients

With 1.5 million Tweets a day this is a speedy shortcut you cannot live without.

How to add someone to a list.

Go to the profile of the person you want to add to a list

Click on the cog on the right of the profile next to where it says follow/following

In the drop down select add/remove from lists

A box will appear asking you to create a list, click here Fill in the details, list name such as Social Media Experts, a description, and select whether you want the list private or public.

Now this part is important.

If you name a list ‘competition’ and make it public, those people will be notified when they are added to your list, as will their followers.

Keep lists for your benefit private.

If you name a list ‘social media experts’ or ‘great photographers’ you may want to make this list public. It just gives a pat on the back to the people you are adding and spreads a nice warm feeling around Twitter.

The same goes for businesses you would recommend. A simple list entitled ‘local businesses I recommend’ gives a good source of reliable businesses to anyone looking at your list and a pat on the back to that business.

Be careful naming lists clients – keep this private unless they have given permission.

So when you have chosen your privacy level, click save and you will be taken to a screen that asks you to select the list you want this particular person in.

Click the check box next to the relevant list and x out.

When you want to engage with a certain group or person, going to that list gives you access to just their Tweets, saving you the time of scrolling through millions of Tweets to engage with your targeted audience.

It also allows you to keep an eye on what they are saying and what’s important to them. To find your lists click your tiny profile picture in the top of your profile and from the drop down select Lists.

That’s all folks!

Tell us what Lists you use and how they make your life easier. 

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