Transferring Responsibility. What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

A personal situation this morning inspired me to draw attention to one of the most concerning problems I am seeing with our society these days. 

The lack of claiming responsibility. The need to project responsibility to others. What I like to call the 'victim' generation. Everyone recognises the phrase 'its not fair' from kids.

Having observed this for some time in my teenage daughters, despite my tireless effort to teach them to take responsibility for their actions, and then seeing it in a younger friend today, I have decided it is every generation after mine.  

Most people my age and above lack this 'quality'. They say sorry when they have done wrong and 'take it like a man' when they have been caught. But I have yet to meet more than a handful of individuals younger than this that are willing to stand up and say 'I was wrong'.

This extends into the workplace. My eldest daughter, now 17, finds that at work very few pro-actively look for things to do, everything must be spoon fed. If something goes wrong its someone else's fault. If someone is finished with their work they do not go to see if others need help. And if asked to help others there is a strong attitude of 'it's not my job'. If someone is caught they say 'well she did it too' or 'why are you picking on me?'

This concerns me greatly about the kind of workplace we will have in 10 years time. I recently spoke to a lady at the Sainsbury till who said she has witnessed it too. She said the kids 'have no go in them', no drive. 

Is it something we are doing as parents? Our need to make everything fair. Is it the computer generation that have everything handed to them? The X factor generation where we tell them they are amazing at everything rather than let them deal with disappointment? Have we created this or is it the future?

I saw a brilliant post this morning on Facebook by Graham Todd at Spaghetti Agency about going back to a job you hate. This lines up with my thoughts today. If you are unhappy, why? Take responsibility today to make the necessary changes and lets all lead by example and stop this madness.

Transference is an ugly quality that to me shows a lack of depth and integrity and prohibits personal growth. Perhaps it is just inexperience or me getting old. 

Have you witnessed this and does it concern you?

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