No One Cares What You Do!

Harsh title? Harsh but fair I think.

When LinkedIn launched in 2003 it was mainly used as a Job search/Recruitment site. As such profiles were set up as an online Curriculum Vitae (CV). In fact the very setting up process even today asks you to fill in your details in that very format.

This was great back then and still is if you are job seeking or looking for employees. LinkedIn is used massively and successfully for recruitment. 

However, if you are not using LinkedIn for this purpose, if you are using it for business connections, building your reputation, showing your expertise and building trust, then this format simply does not work any more.

You see, as a potential client I am not interested in all of your work experience for the last 40 years. I don't care what GCSE's or A/O levels you got. I don't care about your job at Happy Eater when you left school (yes I said Happy Eater, that's my generation, don't judge me). I don't care what you physically do all day or that you have 3 million years experience in whatever trade. I don't necessarily even care about your awards or the fact that you enjoy time with family, bike riding and long walks on the beach outside of work. I definitely don't care if you are a CEO, Director or Founder.

Who cares about all this when doing a search on LinkedIn? Someone trying to sell you something. They are searching for CEO's, owners and founders and industry types. By having your profile like this you are setting yourself up for SPAM!

So what do I care about? I care about what I get from you. Me me me.  

LinkedIn is all about me.

So what does your headline say? Does it say your job title as LinkedIn asks you to do when setting up? Or does it have a benefit driven, keyword packed message to potential clients to say what they will get from you?

Is your summary written like a CV for a potential employer? Or is it a summary of thebenefits of doing business with you? 

Do you have more than 3 experiences outlining your entire working life? Or do you have the most relevant positions with the description of what your role is being benefit driven.

Do you see a pattern here?

An easy way to start this off is to think about what you might say in a 40 second pitch at a networking event. Do you make as much impact in 40 seconds as possible outlying the benefits people get from working with you? Or do you tell them your life history and experience in every industry? 

So have a little read now. Are you telling me what I get from you? 

For a LinkedIn MOT  to get you more valuable connections and build profitable relationships contact Mark Noel on 07976 366584. 

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