The LinkedIn Relationship Tab

A little underused and under appreciated feature on LinkedIn is the relationship tab.

Shown directly below the picture on your connections profile page, this handy little tool lets you record lots of valuable information about that connection that will keep you on track in your essential relationship building efforts.

This section is for your eyes only and allows you to keep essential information such as how you met and who introduced you, you can even tag people to remind you in future. You can add a reminder, perhaps to give them a call or a direct message the following week and LinkedIn will remind you when its time. There is another section just for notes to record anything else you like.

It is tragic really how underused this feature is. So start using it today. Every time you add or accept a connection, make sure it is a valuable one and record all the information you need to remember about them.

Dont just make connections, build relationships.

Did you know about this feature? 

If so, what do you commonly record in there? 

If not, will you use it now?

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