Facebook Messenger Codes Are Coming!

Have you ever thought about using instant messaging as a marketing tool?

How to find your facebook messenger code

You can now make it easy for prospective clients to engage with your Facebook page by sharing your very visual "Messaging Code" (image below) on digital or printed media.

Your facebook messenger code

You will find the download link on your business page at the bottom of your messaging window. (fig 1)

where to find your facebook messenger code

                                                                                                                 fig 1

You will be given 3 size options 300, 600 or a 1000 px in the .png format. Just download the one that will fit the media that you are sharing it to.

Try sticking them in your shop windows or even on your car!!!

Selling on Facebook has never been so easy...and its free!!!!

This option is being rolled out globally over the coming weeks so some pages and people may see a delay in receiving this service. 

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