5 Things That Make You Look Dumb On LinkedIn

Stop Looking Dumb On LinkedIn With These Quick Tips

1. Not including a personalized message.With every invitation you send to connect, you should always include a personal message. This is the place to add that little something extra. A personalized message goes a long way because it makes your invitation feel genuine.

2. Not updating your contact information. It’s important to keep all of your information up-to-date. Why? You want people to be able to easily connect with you.

3. Using an unprofessional profile photo. Quirky photos that might fly on Facebook are not a good choice on LinkedIn. Keep your headshot professional.

 4. Uploading a poorly-cropped profile photo. People upload profile photos all the time that are not sized correctly for LinkedIn. This often results in the “half-head” syndrome. Don’t be the person without a forehead in your profile photo! Also, you don’t want to use a photo that has multiple people in it. Your beautiful face should be the only one in the picture.

 5. Not completing your entire profile. Having an incomplete profile not only looks lazy, but it also doesn’t portray all of the amazing credentials and experience you have. Show them off!

Do you have any other tips to share with my followers? Please comment below

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